Helsinki-Malmi Airport - the center of Finnish aviation culture

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Welcome to the website of the Friends of Malmi Airport Society! The Friends of Malmi Airport Society (FoMA) is a civic organization founded on 23 March 2002 to actively support the preservation and development of the historic Helsinki-Malmi Airport.

Helsinki-Malmi Airport is by flight operations the second busiest airport in Finland and one of the best preserved civil airports from the early days of commercial aviation. It is threatened by ambitions to turn the airport into a residential area.

Malmi Airport offers the greater Helsinki area of more than a million people an international airport for light traffic, an active recreation and hobby oasis, a venue for public aviation events and a chance to get educated into aviation professions. The historically valuable milieu also serves with distinction the Border Guard, the Rescue Department, the Air Force and the Police. In addition, the airport is a spacious nature and bird oasis in northeastern Helsinki.

The location of the Airport can be seen on the satellite image map.
Why save Malmi Airport? 10 reasons.
The image of aviation and Malmi Airport:  common misconceptions.

The Petition to Save Malmi Airport has been signed by more than 60.000 people in Finland and abroad. You too are welcome to sign the petition and to join our effort:

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News 28 March 2014: Finland International Airshow at Malmi Airport 16-17 August 2014
News 27 March 2014: The Finnish government has made a decision in principle to close down Malmi Airport by 2020 in order to "improve the capacity for housing construction in Helsinki region".
Press release 24 March 2014: Malmi Airport is economically important
Notification 9 March 2014: FoMA's spring meeting to be held on 20 March 2014
News 9 March 2014: Helsinki Fly In at Malmi Airport 23-25 May 2014
News 9 March 2014: Saturday lecture 5 April 2014 - Short films about Malmi Airport by Kai R. Lehtonen
Press release 29 November 2013: FoMA's autumn meeting 2013
News 23 August 2013: Exciting exploit of urban archaeology: the huge HELSINKI sign is back at Malmi Airport
News 20 August 2013: Photos from Helsinki Fly In, 17-18 August 2013
News 17 May 2013: Malmi's big migratory bird is back for the summer

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